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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

july goals

All around the blogosphere, I've seen lots of people posting mid-year goals. Some do it like a check up on those dreaded New Years resolutions, and others just post goals for the month. These wonderful posts have got my inspiration button buzzing and itching to do my own goals. Because, let's face it.... I suck at resolutions. I make them (in my head), I don't write them down, and I forget them by February. I generally make them unattainable and boring, which sure doesn't help. However, I can do monthly goals; that's only 30ish days I have to remember them! So without further ado

July Goals
  • Pick a running program- I am still a newbie runner and I think a running program would really help me get my 5k time down, raise my endurance, and increase my confidence in my ability to run.
  • Hike more frequently- At least once a week I want to take my doggies and/or siblings on a hike
  • Beef up the weight routine- I would like to see an increase in how heavy of weights I can lift and start training specific body parts every day
  • Get on the job hunt- I need to start checking for teaching jobs and getting all those apps in order
  • Less snacking, more eating- sounds like an oxymoron huh? I need to work on how much I much between meals or instead of meals (as is more likely to happen) and instead plan out what I'm going to eat every day. I need to put more thought into what's going in my mouth!
  • Do Yoga once a week- I have the ability to do it at home and I need to work on my flexibility.

So there you have it , what I hope to accomplish (or at least start on) in the month of July. I'll try to update the bloggy with my progress and see how it goes.

Something to think about.... Do you set goals? If so, how often? Ever find inspiration from other blogs?


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