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Monday, May 31, 2010

Remembering the Fallen

Happy Memorial Day!

I will say that I am extremely excited to have another day of rest and relaxation. In fact, this will be a short one because as soon as I'm done posting I'll be downing my morning protein shake and headed for the gym. Nothing says relaxation like getting to go into the gym at 9 am instead of 5:30 :O)

Plus, it's the unofficial beginning of SUMMER!!!! I have waited for this, since about mid-September of last year :O) I am a summer girl without a doubt. Barbecues, days by the lake, tanning (with sunscreen), shorts, flip flops, margaritas.... you name it, I love it!

But in the midst of all of my relaxation and fun, I am not forgetting why I have this glorious day off. In the midst of it all, I am remember all of our service men and women who are currently serving, have served in the past, or have fallen while on duty. Their sacrifices and those of their families are the reason that I have the rights and privileges that I do. I am eternally grateful for them and all that they do every day.

I am especially grateful because of the service of both my grandfathers. My dad's father served in the Air Force flying planes for many years, and has glorious war stories to tell. My mom's dad served in the Navy and is such an amazing person. I love both my grandfathers to pieces :O) I also have several friends who have fathers, brothers, friends, and significant others serving or who have served and I am remembering them and all of their sacrifices today. Those who serve are amazing, selfless people and their families definitely fall under that category as well. So thank you, for all that you do, all that you have done, and all that you will do for this wonderful country.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Sunday morning kinda feelin

“Sunday is the golden clasp that binds together the volume of the week” -Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Sundays for me are a day of rest. Its the day I spend the morning with my family in church, worshiping God. Its the day we sit down and eat a meal together. Its the day we spend the afternoon doing miscellaneous things around the house or out and about, together. Since I've returned to church, it has become one of my favorite days of the week, made all the more special because the brother is home from college right now. I am one happy girl :O)

 I love my brother :O)

This afternoon we went on a family hike. It was one of those times that I realized how blessed I am to live where I do. Within 10 miles, there are at least 25 (possibly many many more) trails perfect for walking, trail running, trail biking, and hiking of all intensity levels. It's wonderful :O) Over the past couple months, we've tried out quite a few new ones, and now I'm itching to start trying out some trail running.

Got the bladder ready to go! (my nickname for the
Camelback, since mine's a High Sierra)

Other brother being very silly... sister in
the background.

It was the perfect day for hiking, about 65-70F... warm enough to be enjoyable, not so hot you are dying. The trail wasn't very hilly which was nice, plus it was lined with many pretty flowers and weird bush looking things.

The doggies couldn't wait to get a move on... they've gotten used to hiking without being on a leash (shhhh! Don't tell!) but there were too many people out today so they had to stay leashed the whole time.

I used my new Polar F11 HRM today... It was amazing! I didn't worry about hitting the right zones, I just wanted to see how many calories I burned. I hit 628 calories in 1 hour and 20 min. This is exactly why I bought this! I got an amazing workout in on my rest day! Now I don't have to feel guilty at all when I skip the gym this summer in favor of an outdoor workout.

I also grabbed my pedometer to track mileage and we hit almost 4 miles in that time. It was a nice leisurely hike :O)

This is home :O)

This evening was nice and relaxing too. My padre went and got pizza from Papa Murphy's, he even got a deLite pizza for me and my mommy to help us eat healthier :O) I started off with a turkey burger to fill me up and followed it with 2 slices of pizza. Then I made pesto! I just got a fancy schmancy food processor for Christmas and have hardly used it (it's great for shredding cheese, yum!). The other day when I went shopping, I picked up some fresh basil. I followed this recipe @ Girl Heroes except I cut down on the olive oil and cheese by about half. I probably should have made it exactly like the recipe, but it sounded like a calorie bomb so I eased up a little. I'm going to try it on my Ezekiel toast in the future. 

Not tomorrow though because I made another batch of Overnight Oats! (the first were consumed this morning). I loosely followed this recipe from Oh She Glows except that my recipe went like this:

1/3 cup Oats (I used quick cooking because that's all I have at the moment)
1/2 cup milk (this morning I used 1 cup and they were too watery, so I'm cutting it down for round 2)
1/2 scoop when protein powder

I mixed it up and left it in the fridge. In the morning I'll add 1 packet Truvia, 1 teaspoon cinnamon, 1 tablespoon Almond Butter and enjoy the creamy sweet deliciousness as a post-workout recovery breakfast. I can't wait to dig into it.

I'm off to continue slugging through Jackie Warner's "This is Why You're Fat" and enjoy the last of my Sunday laziness :O)

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Total Body Workout #1

So here's the killer workout that I did this morning. I love it because it is tough, but completely different than standard lifting weights, even in the ways that the trainer had me do it.

Disclaimer: This workout was made for me by my trainer. He is an expert on exercise, I am not. You should always consult your doctor before starting an exercise regimen. Be safe, don't be stupid.

Note: All exercises are performed on a pulley machine. Weight amount really depends on the pulley machine itself, there are 2 different pulley contraptions in my gym and my weight varies on them by about 20 pounds (weird I know). It should be hard to complete 10- 12 reps and your muscles should be screaming by round 2.

Note 2: All exercises are performed using a "tricep rope"
Except for #5 which is done using a metal bar of some sort. I usually use one that looks like this:
Image source

#1. Woodchop to knee- 10 reps each side
*I do it this way, but I also start in a lunge position and bring it down to my knee, that way it works a wider range of ab muscles as well as my arms (especially the triceps). Plus by the end my legs are slightly fatigued. Do 10 reps each side here too.

#2. Reverse Nazi Walks- 10 reps
*Seriously horrible name I know, and don't even get me started on what I found when I tried to see if there was a description on Google.
*To do this exercise, lower the weight to a point where you can hold onto the rope handles with your arms straight above your head. Make sure you are standing in a straight line as this will help work the abs as well as the arms. Take 8-10 steps out, with high knees (like up to your belly button high) and then do the reverse without turning around. Then do it again, that's one set.

Repeat #'s 1-2 in a circuit for a total of 3 sets. Cable cord should be set up as high on the bar as it goes (close to or above your head).

#3. Squatted Row- 12-15 reps
*Same motion but use the rope instead and make sure you stay in a squat position for the entire 12 reps, your quads should be burning as much (if not more) than your back/arm muscles!

#4. Reverse Woodchop- 10-12 reps each side
*Make sure your grip on the rope is the reverse of the other exercises. The grips at the end of the rope should be pointing towards your nose (as opposed to pointing to your toes in #'s 1-2)
*Fling the rope over your shoulder, using your abs and legs for momentum.

Repeat #'s 3-4 in a circuit for a total of 3 sets. Cable cord should be set to low (near your feet).

#5. Front Squat- 20 reps
*Remember: use the metal bar for this one!
*Resistance should be tough enough that your legs and abs are hurting by rep 10
*Save your wrists! Roll bar up onto collarbone area and stick elbows out at a 90 degree angle (words of wisdom directly from the trainer)

#6. Cable Oblique Crunch- 12-15 reps each side
*Keep the motion but extend arms and crunch up to one side of the knee. Aiming for the hand to hit the outside of the opposite knee.
*You're back to the rope on this one, use the switching time to recover!
*Yup this one's a doozy, it will cause you severe pain but also leave you with some seriously smokin abs :O)

Repeat #'s 5-6 in a circuit for a total of 3 sets. Cable cord should be set to low (by your feet).

And if you've got anything left after that...
#7: Full Body Thrusts- 3 sets (set 1: 20 reps, set 2: 15 reps, Set 3: 12 reps)
*I couldn't find an accurate description of this one either, boo to that. Grab a moderate sized weight (I use 10 pounds) and stand shoulder width apart with one weight in each hand. Squat down until the weight almost touches the ground and then rapidly fire the legs to propel you up and thrust your arms over your head (into an overhead press) while simultaneously coming up onto your toes. Do each set as rapidly as possible (to get the heart rate up) and then alternate with your favorite ab exercise... I did:

*30 crunches- bringing knees and head together simultaneously
*Leg scissors (That's my term- I don't remember what the trainer called them... torture maybe?) NOTE: I do mine a little slower and do them as a 4 count per rep. So I count in my head (as my legs move...well hopefully!) 1, 2, 3, and then the rep #... 1. And then 1, 2, 3.... 2. And I went until 15, so you do the math there, I'm too tired :O)
*Reverse Crunch- 20 reps... I do it on the bench and keep my legs fully extended the entire time, no bent knees.

And there you have it. By the end you should be a huge sweaty mess. Once I've survived that, I go grab a super amazing foam roller:

And once I'm done rolling and stretching my muscles, I collapse in a sweaty heap on the gym floor head for home for a shower and a recovery meal. Enjoy :O)

Some days just don't go as planned...

I know I mentioned earlier that I thoroughly enjoy Saturdays, but seriously I REALLY love Saturdays :O) I hit up the gym (nice and empty this morning!) and did a nice long warm up. 5 minutes walking @ 4.0 mph so the Polar could calculate my HR zones and then 5 minutes running @ 5.5 mph followed by 10 minutes of 1 minute intervals, alternating between 5.3 mph and 6.3-6.5 mph. This is what I did yesterday on HIIT day except much longer, and with additional sweaty cardio attached at the end and it has been a huge sweat fest success.

I haven't posted as much about my exercise history but about 3 months ago I decided I was going to take up running. Furthermore, I decided I was going to do it until I enjoyed it because at the time there were few things I hated more than running. So I downloaded the couch to 5k plan and (very) loosely followed it for less than 2 weeks awhile :O) I found that because I was already in good shape that running wasn't as hard as I thought it would be and in fact, I didn't suck too bad at it. I've been stuck at only being able to run at 5.5 for awhile (which has been a huge success for me) but in trying out these intervals, I've found that 6.3- 6.5mph doesn't feel that bad at all. Especially because I only have to do it for a minute and then I get to slow down to a jog for the next minute. I am definitely keeping these intervals in my routine to help boost up my speed consistently.

So I followed the 20 minute treadmill sesh with another hour of strength training. It was a routine the trainer had given me pre-bootcamp and I am very pleased to say that now (3 months later) I was able to up my weights, up my reps by a few, without dying. It was really great to see that I am showing significant progress. I'll post the workout later this weekend.

After coming home and taking a much needed shower, I was starving. I mean, "I need food NOW because I am getting dizzy" starving. I snacked on some peanuts while I made Gina's (The Fitnessista) Perfect Protein Pancakes. They were super dense (and not nearly as pretty as her picture) but so delicious and filling! Exactly what I needed post-workout. The recipe made 2 giant pancakes and I topped one with almond butter and sugar free syrup and the other with some yogurt butter and a sprinkle of cinnamon sugar. These are definitely going to become a staple in my diet. Not quite as good the cottage cheese, oatmeal pancakes but still yummy. On a side note, I am loving this pancake phase! I never thought I would be able to eat pancakes again once I figured out how terrible Krusteaz pancakes were for me.

So far the rest of the afternoon has been spent cleaning the house, playing with the doggies, and relaxing with the fam. Not quite the productive Saturday I had planned, but just as enjoyable :O)


Truth: Saturday workouts are my favorites. I love that I feel so much more relaxed on Saturdays and that seem to translate into an amazing workout. It looks like it's shaping up to be a really nice (non rainy) day here and so I think I have to get outside for awhile.

I'm finishing up my pre-workout snack- Blueberry Crisp Mini- Cliff Bar


And 1 large scoop (36 grams) yummy chocolate pure whey protein powder + water in my shaker. Truth: I used to hate protein powder. I was convinced that there was no way that would fill me up all morning and I didn't really love the taste. However now that I workout so much I drink at least one protein shake every single morning, and love it! Funny how time changes our tastebuds... It was the same way for fish for me, love that now too.

Okay I'm fueled up and ready to go...
Rufus is ready to play

Scooter's a little sleepy, as usual :O)

And I've got on my cute new workout tank (and no makeup- GASP!)

I'm off to enjoy my Saturday... I'm hoping to post later about some of my favorite things and some more updates about life with the HRM :O) Happy Saturday!

Friday, May 28, 2010

TGIF + New Heartrate Monitor

Whew! What a week. I only worked three and a half days but man am I exhausted! It was just one of those weeks that really takes it out of you. On the positive note, there are many good things to post about!

*I am completely and totally in love with Ezekiel bread. In fact, I can't believe it took me this long to find it! I heard about it awhile ago but you can chalk it up with my low carb bread hating past that I wouldn't even consider buying it. However, I am loving all the protein and fiber and the fact that I just found out its sold at Fred Meyer!!!! So I stocked up with an extra loaf today plus I splurged on a loaf of the cinnamon raisin bread :O) I'm super excited to have that for breakfast tomorrow!
* I have also been eating a ridiculous amount of the millet & flax crackers (usually with fat free cream cheese or some organic peach jam on top-- yum!). I am definitely going to have to go back and try the garlic and cinnamon flavors. Please note those are two different flavors!!
*I am currently reading Racing Weight by Matt Fitzgerald and so far there is some really amazing info in there. It was a little dry for a Friday afternoon (I have to admit, I almost dozed off once... not because it was boring, I was just really tired!) It definitely seems to be geared towards people who are already extremely athletic but I've found some good running tips in there too. I'll do a full review post when I'm done.
*I have done 2 days of the Fitnessista's "Summer Shape Up 2010" so far and  it is one butt kicking workout. I haven't been sore in months (except for when I pulled the hammy a couple weeks ago). I take a bootcamp class from the trainer once a week and work/sweat/die for a brutal hour and I am more sore now than I ever have been from the class. I love it!
*I really wanted to post more about what I'm currently doing as far as exercise, nutrition, and supplements but that post went out the window as soon as this arrived on my doorstep yesterday afternoon!
My brand spankin' new Polar F11 HRM!!!

I was so excited, I squealed for a second. Once I got myself under control, I set out to figure out how it works. It was pretty user friendly but there are a lot of different options depending on how its being used at the time and what mode its in, so it's been a little confusing. But I love it! I took it out on a hike with the doggies and the brother and it worked awesome. I can definitely see that this will be my summer workout staple so I don't have to hit the gym all the time.

I also took it with me to the gym this morning and it was so motivating to watch the calorie count keep going up and up and up. I did Gina's day 6 workout today even though it's only Friday (IE: my day 5... and I've only done day 1 so far this week because of other workouts) . I would love to say that there is some logic in my choice but honestly, it was 5:30 a.m., there's no logic happening at that hour! So day 6 is speed aka HIIT (High Intensive Interval Training) or more commonly know as death a big stinky sweatfest all over the treadmill :O) I warmed up and then alternated running at a 6.5-7.0 mph for 1 minute with 1 minute at 5.2mph. I can totally see how doing this will make me a much better runner and help my speed and mile times. After finishing it off with 15 minutes on the arc trainer, I saw that I had burned almost 1100 calories!!! Way over double what the treadmill said, weehooo! Probably explains why I'm so stinkin hungry today.

Tomorrow will hopefully bring muscles recovered enough for Saturday strength workouts (usually the best of the week!) or at least some cardio and possibly a yoga class. If the weather holds up I may skip the gym altogether and take the HRM and the doggies out for a hike... Okay I'm off to paint my toes and then head to bed early; I love me some sleep :O)

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Today was one of those days where ideal met reality. It wasn't a pleasant meeting for either party. It was one of those long, stress-filled, never ending, just kinda cruddy days. Nothing really bad or major happened but I was just stressed, tired, and off all day; the kind of day that affects my eating. I'm coming off of a really good streak of healthy, organic eating so I should have been on the look out for this. It happens all the time, I eat perfect for a few days and then I self-sabotage with a day of junk. It drives me crazy because I feel like I can't stop the cycle even though I know I'm doing it, even while I'm eating what I shouldn't be. I've made major progress in that area, I hardly ever self- sabotage anymore or I do it in really tiny ways which is nice to see, but it still severely irritates me when I screw up my diet. Today it was red licorice and tootsie rolls. It wasn't a huge "binge" but it was enough to stress me out even more and make me feel like I failed my eating for the day, ugh.

In the midst of it though, there is a small victory... I didn't let that bad event earlier in the day derail my eating for the remainder of the day. Usually, once I've had one bad thing, I throw in the towel and eat crap for the rest of the day because I feel like my diet is already ruined. Not today! I had eaten perfectly healthy until mid-afternoon and once I got off work, I went right back to it. Part of getting healthy and fit for me is getting mentally and psychologically healthy and fit. For me that means not being so negative and hard on myself and this was a great learning experience in that area. All afternoon , I beat myself up over those 280 calories and how I would be over my daily limit but as soon as I stopped and really thought about it, 280 calories really isn't that much and so I'm trying to let it go and not stress about it. Now at the end of the day, it doesn't seem like a huge deal whereas usually I would be beating myself up for it clear until tomorrow.

Today was also my baby brother's 16th birthday :O) It was just the fam which was nice. The brother requested breakfast for dinner: biscuits, corned beef hash, bacon, fried eggs, & juice (he can eat all of this because he's 16 with the metabolism of a freight train, lucky kid!). Since none of that is within any sort of reachable range of my healthy eating goals, I used the time instead to make up a big double batch of protein loaded cottage cheese oatmeal pancakes (sounds gross but they are amazing!). I'll have to post the recipe sometime soon. I made up one large one for me and just had the one (usually its two) with almond butter and sugar free syrup plus some of the fruit salad my mom made to go with the fam's dinner. Afterwards they had angel food cake, strawberries (fresh but soaked in sugar) and spray whip cream. I am proud to say that I had just a bite of angel food cake and a spoon fool of strawberries and whip cream and I was fine. Beyond that, it didn't really taste that good and I realized I wasn't missing anything by eating it. I was really proud of myself for making positive choices throughout the remainder of the day and not feeling deprived by it.

But my question is, what should I do at family celebration events? Is it easier to just skip desert altogether, try (and usually fail) to have just one bite, or deem it a special event and go all out? I'm really not sure. Right now for me, it's better to just skip it, because there's no having just one bite no matter what  I tell myself. What are some alternate ways to celebrate or partake in the activities? My hardest time is at large extended family gatherings (which we have frequently) where nobody brings anything healthy. It's another struggle in the battle to find the middle, somewhere between going all out and refusing it all. I'm still feeling out what that looks like but please let me know if you've got it figured out :O)

Monday, May 24, 2010

Natural Foods Loot

Whew, what day! The outdoor run didn't happen, the bike class this morning was all I could handle. Although my mommy and I did get out and enjoy a nice walk with our doggies. My puppies are exceptionally adorable, they bring me endless amounts of joy. I'll try to post pictures soon :O)

I did however get out and do some quick grocery shopping. I hit up Fred Meyer, ours has a really nice organic/whole foods section. I think it's a little cheaper than shopping at Natural Foods (from what I can tell) and it's really nice to be able to buy all of my non-organic items at the same time. I didn't need much as I already have a nicely stocked fridge full of raw veggies, lean proteins, and most of the things that Morningstar Farms makes :O) Here's what I ended up with:

 Fresh organic basil from Fred Meyer. I'm going to use it to make homemade pesto!

Roasted edamame and barbecue soy nuts for snacking.
These things are amazing in helping me keep my protein high!

Ezekiel bread. I've heard amazing things about this stuff so I decided to give it a try.
After buying it at Natural Foods, I found it at Fred Meyer but it was actually more expensive, score!

Organic peach jam & Millet & Flax crackers (hello 8 grams of fiber in 66 calories!!)

I put it (along with some fat free cream cheese I bought) together in this yummy snack: 

I also got some whole wheat flour (to help with my pancake addiction), eggs, and miscellaneous veggies. None of that's really exciting enough to be worthy of pictures, plus my camera batter died out after the snack photo. Yup that stuff was so good it killed my camera :O) I'm telling you, if eating healthy whole foods is this yummy, I'll never go back to anything processed again!

Coming up: Picture posts of some of my favorite things :O) I'm lovin this picture stuff!

Summer Shape Up!

Alright, it's that time again... time to get ready for summer!! Now I've been ready for summer to be here since, well since about October when it started getting cold. However, my body sure was not. Truthfully I started prepping for bikini season when I got the super awesome trainer in December but I still have some jiggle I would like gone before July. So with that said it's time for The Fitnessista's amazing "Summer Shape Up" :O) And I have to say that while it looks pretty intense, I am ridiculously excited for this.

I just started reading her blog about two weeks ago, and I am in love with it. She eats clean and works out hard and is very inspiring. I'm just really starting to dedicate myself to cleaning up my diet and making it more natural and less processed so her posts are super helpful for that. Not to mention they are highly entertaining :O)

So in honor of my own summer shape up I hit the gym today and did a 15 minute (running!) warm-up then took a 45 minute bike class today which was pure sweaty awesomness. I'm really hoping to get outside and run a couple miles which will be my first outdoor run, ever (well besides a few very boring miles I logged at the track last summer). I suppose now would also be a good time to start using my Perfect Pushup contraption that's only been out of the box once :O) I'm also going to hit up one of my local health food stores to find some good whole natural foods to fuel my body for the next few weeks. Hopefully a picture post of my finds will follow this afternoon.

Hope you're having an awesome Monday!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

I love to run

About 3 months ago, I woke up one morning and decided I was going to become a runner. Along with push-ups on my toes and unassisted pull-ups, this was one thing that I could not do very well. I was partially struck with fear inspired by the trainer and his upcoming Special Forces bootcamp which he promised me would contain hill sprints till I puked. And partially because I just knew that even as fit as I was, I sucked at running. Sure I could sprint for a minute or two but that was it. No endurance whatsoever. So as I went for my 5:30 a.m. workout and the couch 2 5k plan, I was determined. Truthfully, those first few days weren't as hard as I thought. I found that I was more capable than I thought and that I actually enjoyed running. In fact, I loved to run. It was a huge stress reliever; the one thing I could do to block out everything else except the music in my ears and the movement of my body.

I've since started running on the treadmill about 4 days a week, depending on my workout schedule. However, I've peaked at about a 30-32 minute 5k which in my mind, is not that great. I've also peaked at that distance which is definitely not that great considering my half marathon aspirations. Occasionally I'll have a burst of motivation and go for longer, but 30 minutes/ 3 miles seems to be that milestone that I just can't break through on a regular basis. It's incredibly frustrating, because I know it's purely mental. It's not like I hit 3 miles and my legs suddenly give out or my lungs are on fire, which means that it has to be purely mental.

I've tried inserting sprints which has actually helped my speed a little but I'm stuck at 5.5 mph (@ a 2% incline). I'm not so much worried about going faster as I am about going longer. I'm really hoping that by taking my runs outside, the change in scenery will take away the mental block that I'm having. I love the feeling of running and its so rare to find something like that these days that I want to prolong that feeling as long as possible, and 30 minutes just isn't enough for that. I want to be able to just go out and take a 5 mile run or say that I woke up one Saturday morning and ran 10 miles.

I've also noticed that as fun as running is and as much as I love the runners high (I never say no to endorphins!) by the end of the week my knees are killing me. They get this dull ache in them that spreads down my calves that no amount of time spent on the foam roller (which I swear by to relieve sore muscles) can cure. I've stretched, rolled, iced, taken glutamine, tried different socks (hey anything might work!), altered incline & speed, altered pace, and nothing has worked. Come Thursday I still feel like an 85 year old woman with arthritis in my knees, and I'm no where near 85.

My last thought (at the suggestion of a friend) was to get custom running shoes. I currently use some adorable blue Adidas tennis shoes for all sorts of workouts both indoors and outdoors. They aren't specifically made for running and that's the only thing I can think of to change. As I've started reading more blogs from runners, they all talk about having good shoes. Right now I'm debating between custom running shoes (uh, hello expensive!) and regular running shoes from my local Big 5. Being so new to running, I'm not really sure which one is a better investment (especially to have to replace them in 300ish miles anyways) and even how to go about finding a decent running shoe. You know what that means??? RESEARCH here I come!

So just in case another set of eyes happens upon this page, do you have a preference? Or a recommendation for a struggling beginner? My knees would greatly appreciate it :O)

My Goals

In order to fully understand the crazy logic behind my posts, I feel like it's good to talk about what my goals are. I'm always telling people that "I want to get fit and healthy." And they look at me and nod encouragingly and say "good for you!" I think they really mean it (I have some great people in my life) but what does "fit and healthy" mean to me?

I feel like I should say that first of all, my goal is not to lose weight. Well, not in the traditional sense anyways. Throughout all of my dieting  failures experiences, I have been scale obsessed. To the point that I was weighing myself about 14- 20 times a day. Definitely not healthy. Especially because that number at any given point of the day, determined how happy I would be for the rest of the day.

So now I have banished the scale to a box, and weigh in on the same scale about once a week. This way I have a ballpark figure of what I weigh and my progress but it no longer defines me. It has actually been quite freeing. And sure, I would love that number to go down, realistically another 10 pounds, but that's not one of my goals that I am actively reaching for right now.

When my trainer first body fat tested me and told me that God-awful number, he said "we need to get this number lower more for your health reasons than for vanity." I took that to heart and am currently focusing on lowering my body fat and upping my lean body mass.

My current goals are:
  • Eat a well balanced diet with limited sugar every day (usually easier said than done in my world!)
  • Exercise at an intense pace at least 6 days a week
  • Stay within my calorie range (currently 1500-2000) and nutrient range (40% carbs, 30% protein, 30% fat)
  • Less body fat, more muscle

Why do I torture myself 6 days a week at the gym? What do I want to get out of this? I want to run a marathon. I want to be able to do pushups (on my toes) and pull ups (yes more than one). I want to lose a little bit of jiggly fat. I want to go rock climbing. I want to have kids and be an active mom. I want to wear a bikini without nitpicking my body's flaws. While all of those are worthy reasons of regular sweat fests, that's not why I do it. I drag myself to the gym 6 days a week at the ungodly hour of 5:30 a.m. because exercising helps me be more at peace with myself. It helps me like myself better. It helps me be okay with my flaws. And because its fun :O)

Saturday, May 22, 2010

I'm a bit wacky

"Everyone is an athlete. But some of us are training, and some of us are not." --Dr. George Sheehan

I am training. Training to be an athlete. Training to be healthy. Training to become fit. And along the way I am learning to laugh, enjoy life, celebrate the small victories, and push through tough times. I am training for life.

I am just a regular girl who is obsessed with health and fitness. It wasn't always that way but that's a story for another post :O) I'm a bit messy and emotional but I truly love exercise and have a sincere desire to share what I know with you. I have been inspired by some amazing bloggers and finally decided to branch out on my own. I hope you'll have patience as I try to figure this all out!

The other thing I love is cooking. I love to bake cookies and muffins and anything else I can think of just to see the joy it brings those who eat it. I love to cook healthy and satisfying meals and fuel my body with good food. This blog will have lots of recipes and my (often hilarious) stories of what works and what doesn't.

Beyond that, I love research. I am a sucker for numbers and statistics. If research says it, then I'll probably try it. I will try to find relevant health and fitness research and put it out here with my own two cents attached... because yes, I am a little opinionated at times :O)

This blog is a chronicle of all these things and more. I want to share my story with anybody who wants to hear it. I want to hear your stories, because they inspire me more than you know. I want to share some of the wacky things I've done so you won't have to do them yourselves. I want to learn from your mistakes and celebrate your victories. I want to inspire and be inspired throughout my journey. So if any of this sounds relatable to you, come join me for the ride. Tell me what works for you, tell me your stories, tell me anything at all. I promise I'll listen and together we'll train for all sorts of things.