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Saturday, June 5, 2010

New Loves

So I'm having one of those days where I just need a reminder of all the good things that I have in my life. I've been feeling kind of "off" today and like my cold that rendered me voiceless two weeks ago is coming back, blech. As I was thinking about what to blog about today while simultaneously trying to come up with something for dinner (barbecued chicken and bean salad it was!), I was thinking about how there are many things that I absolutely ADORE now, that I didn't pre-healthy. So here, in completely random (ie: however they pop into my brain) order, are things that I absolutely love right now.

My puppies.... oh wait, I've always loved them
so I suppose that doesn't count :O)
But really, who couldn't use a little more adorable puppy???
And yes, I did buy them Snuggies for Christmas :O)

1. Protein Powder (This is the brand I'm using right now)
Before, I haaaated protein shakes and would never eat them 
Now... I drink at least one a day, and use the powder in
everything imaginable.

2. Fish- Gotta love Costco's jumbo pack!
Before- I said I hated all seafood
Now- I adore fish and try to eat it 1-2 times a week. I enjoy a 
variety of seafood (that I've tried) except...
Shrimp... bleck!! It's a texture thing

3. Trying new recipes- even interesting ones like "sweet potato
pancake with strawberries" (pictured) from Healthy Tipping Point
Before- I stuck to the same old boring recipes out of fear
of trying something new in case it wasn't healthy enough
Now- I love trying new recipes! They are all from amazing
blogs on healthy eating, or from cookbooks I love.
I know so much more about what's good for me now, that I'm
more confident in cooking with those yummy nutritious foods

3. Hiking
Before- I wasn't in good enough shape to go on long hikes,
especially not in the heat.
Now- I do it almost every weekend, and it's a breeze.
In fact, I've decided to take up trail running and will hit up
these same hiking trails this summer for running instead
of walking :O)

4. Water- This is my adorable pink waterbottle that I am never without.
Before- I rarely drank water, preferred beverage of choice
was Diet Pepsi
Now- I drink at least 16- 8 oz. glasses a day and haven't had Diet Pepsi 
in months... in fact I think it tastes yucky now.

5. Bread- I am in loooove with Ezekiel bread these days!
Before- Years of low-carbing it had ingrained in my brain
that bread was the devil and to be avoided at all costs
Now- I eat Ezekiel bread as part of my daily amounts of healthy
whole grains. I also eat cream of wheat, oats, and some crackers.
I'm not scared of bread anymore! Welcome back toast :O) I've missed you!

6. My Protein Shaker (From GNC in case you're wondering)
This thing has become a staple in my life now that I workout at 5:30 a.m.
I would be lost without it, perfect for toting protein shakes anywhere.
The blendy-ball (really scientific name!) makes sure there are no nasty
protein chunks (ew) and it's not a HUGE shaker either which I love.

7. Clif Bars- Especially in the carrot cake flavor... YUM!!
Before- I never would have eaten anything with this many calories in it
Now- I use it for a quick snack when I need something to get me through
between meals. I adore them!

8. Super cute workout clothes (sorry no pics... it's laundry day)
Before- I worked out in baggy men's t-shirts and black cap
Now- I love wearing cute t-shirts and tank tops and more form
fitting things. Plus I've found it helps me move better during a workout.
And great motivation too :O)

9. Exercising- It sounds simple, but it's taken me a long time to enjoy
working out. 
Before- I worked out so I could eat more and because I hated my body
Now- I work out because it keeps me sane, and helps me feel at peace with myself.
Plus, I love doing something that's good for me, and I'm addicted
to the endorphins :O)

10. Vegetables- cauliflower and bell peppers are my faves :O)
Before- I didn't mind veggies, but rarely ate them, usually doused in ranch
Now- My favorite way to eat them is raw, sometimes with hummus. 
I eat at least 4 servings a day and really enjoy it. In fact, when
I don't eat enough, I start to crave them!

11. Running- I NEVER EVER thought I would say that I loved to run.
As a child, I haaaated it and avoided it at all costs. About 3 months, I decided to
give it a shot and I can't get enough of it now. It's my favorite way to do 
It makes me feel strong, and confident, like I can do anything if I just keep running.

There are many more things that I love now but my stuffy nose is getting the best of me, and I'm just about relaxed enough to fall asleep. This was the perfect way to end a very busy day. Night bloggies :O)


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