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Sunday, June 20, 2010


Ahhh Sundays... I am thoroughly enjoying ending you with a large glass of riesling and a movie with my daddy. Happy Father's Day!!! I have to say that I am exceptionally spoiled by my daddy, he's pure amazing :O)

Today was very enjoyable and spent honoring my wonderful father. We started off going to church, then came home to a huge barbecue with steak, chicken, homemade potato salad, fresh watermelon, corn on the cob, cake and fresh brewed ice tea. This afternoon I played fetch with the puppers until they were too exhausted to run,  went on a walk with the fam, cooked dinner, and then brought out the vino. Overall, a great day :O)

Tomorrow's plan looks like back to normal, ie: no more cake. I am rather proud of myself because I have enjoyed a regular sized piece of cake as well as a large glass of wine today and no food guilt. Reading that sounds a little silly, but this is a big step for me and I'm proud of it :O) Who knew a little glass of vino could mean so much? Tomorrow will be back to normal eating and exercising. The trainer has encouraged me to work on adding more activity to my day outside of the gym, so that means I'll have an excuse to play with the puppers and go on more walks. No complaining here!

I'm off to make some not so vegan overnight oats ala Oh She Glows (I use fat free milk, skip the vanilla-because I usually forget- and use vanilla Muscle Milk whey protein). In the morning I usually mix in about a 1/2 ish teaspoon of cinnamon and sometimes some fruit (frozen the night before, fresh right before eating). Sooooo yummy!! I'll try to post pics sometime.

I think that's my body's way of saying "yup cake was nice but lets get back to normal okay?" In spite of the massive sweet tooth I used to have, a lot of sugar and "off" eating really messes with my system and my body just can't handle it anymore. Weird how things change huh?

I'm also going to try planning my lunches for the week. My momma is super organized and plans out our dinners at least 2 weeks in advance (helps cut down on her  grocery bill) but since school's been out our schedule has been a little bit wacko. Sometimes that means no lunch till 1 pm (Ack!!!) and lots of Cliff Bars to satisfy hunger. Not the best nutrition or  foods. So this week, we are going to try to plan out our lunches in advance to help us stay on track with eating healthy, whole foods. I'm hoping it avoids the way I've been putting off eating until I'm dizzy and weak... not good!

Alright bloggy, I'm off to finish the glass of vino and hit the sack for an early morning devotional time and then a serious sweat sesh at the gym. Peace out yo!


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