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Saturday, May 29, 2010


Truth: Saturday workouts are my favorites. I love that I feel so much more relaxed on Saturdays and that seem to translate into an amazing workout. It looks like it's shaping up to be a really nice (non rainy) day here and so I think I have to get outside for awhile.

I'm finishing up my pre-workout snack- Blueberry Crisp Mini- Cliff Bar


And 1 large scoop (36 grams) yummy chocolate pure whey protein powder + water in my shaker. Truth: I used to hate protein powder. I was convinced that there was no way that would fill me up all morning and I didn't really love the taste. However now that I workout so much I drink at least one protein shake every single morning, and love it! Funny how time changes our tastebuds... It was the same way for fish for me, love that now too.

Okay I'm fueled up and ready to go...
Rufus is ready to play

Scooter's a little sleepy, as usual :O)

And I've got on my cute new workout tank (and no makeup- GASP!)

I'm off to enjoy my Saturday... I'm hoping to post later about some of my favorite things and some more updates about life with the HRM :O) Happy Saturday!


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