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Monday, May 24, 2010

Summer Shape Up!

Alright, it's that time again... time to get ready for summer!! Now I've been ready for summer to be here since, well since about October when it started getting cold. However, my body sure was not. Truthfully I started prepping for bikini season when I got the super awesome trainer in December but I still have some jiggle I would like gone before July. So with that said it's time for The Fitnessista's amazing "Summer Shape Up" :O) And I have to say that while it looks pretty intense, I am ridiculously excited for this.

I just started reading her blog about two weeks ago, and I am in love with it. She eats clean and works out hard and is very inspiring. I'm just really starting to dedicate myself to cleaning up my diet and making it more natural and less processed so her posts are super helpful for that. Not to mention they are highly entertaining :O)

So in honor of my own summer shape up I hit the gym today and did a 15 minute (running!) warm-up then took a 45 minute bike class today which was pure sweaty awesomness. I'm really hoping to get outside and run a couple miles which will be my first outdoor run, ever (well besides a few very boring miles I logged at the track last summer). I suppose now would also be a good time to start using my Perfect Pushup contraption that's only been out of the box once :O) I'm also going to hit up one of my local health food stores to find some good whole natural foods to fuel my body for the next few weeks. Hopefully a picture post of my finds will follow this afternoon.

Hope you're having an awesome Monday!


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