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Monday, May 24, 2010

Natural Foods Loot

Whew, what day! The outdoor run didn't happen, the bike class this morning was all I could handle. Although my mommy and I did get out and enjoy a nice walk with our doggies. My puppies are exceptionally adorable, they bring me endless amounts of joy. I'll try to post pictures soon :O)

I did however get out and do some quick grocery shopping. I hit up Fred Meyer, ours has a really nice organic/whole foods section. I think it's a little cheaper than shopping at Natural Foods (from what I can tell) and it's really nice to be able to buy all of my non-organic items at the same time. I didn't need much as I already have a nicely stocked fridge full of raw veggies, lean proteins, and most of the things that Morningstar Farms makes :O) Here's what I ended up with:

 Fresh organic basil from Fred Meyer. I'm going to use it to make homemade pesto!

Roasted edamame and barbecue soy nuts for snacking.
These things are amazing in helping me keep my protein high!

Ezekiel bread. I've heard amazing things about this stuff so I decided to give it a try.
After buying it at Natural Foods, I found it at Fred Meyer but it was actually more expensive, score!

Organic peach jam & Millet & Flax crackers (hello 8 grams of fiber in 66 calories!!)

I put it (along with some fat free cream cheese I bought) together in this yummy snack: 

I also got some whole wheat flour (to help with my pancake addiction), eggs, and miscellaneous veggies. None of that's really exciting enough to be worthy of pictures, plus my camera batter died out after the snack photo. Yup that stuff was so good it killed my camera :O) I'm telling you, if eating healthy whole foods is this yummy, I'll never go back to anything processed again!

Coming up: Picture posts of some of my favorite things :O) I'm lovin this picture stuff!


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